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‘At JCL, care is concerned mainly with enhancing and maintenance of the personhood of each resident. We provide a safe and beautiful environment, and meet all essential needs and physical care but only as part of a whole person approach.

We believe the care of our residents should be truly holistic, meeting the needs for physical, psychosocial and spiritual care in an environment that empowers the older person and at the same time is pleasant for staff and family to be in’

Senior Care


Special Diets

Diet is of enormous importance even more so in our later years. At JCL Care Homes we take nutrition very seriously and all our menus are carefully balanced. Many of our residents have specific dietary requirements - be it allergies and intolerance's, low fat or low carbohydrate needs, high calorie or supplemented meals – and we cater to them all.


The importance of hair care for residents cannot be over estimated. Those that are more mobile are free to go elsewhere to get their hair done. Most residents, however, avail of the professional hairdressing available on site. Some residents opt for a regular appointment, others book a visit when it suits them.


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